Welcome to a new school year at Sunnyside Senior Public School! We are looking forward to meeting you. We know that things are different this year and that you cannot look to SchoolDay to find out your class/teacher in advance. We are truly sorry for that inconvenience. See below for what to do Tuesday morning to find your class.

GRADE 8s – Please go directly to the gym. Class lists will be posted  inside the gym and grade 8 homeroom teachers will be in there to meet you.  Please find your name and find your teacher.  They will have signs with their room numbers and name tags to identify themselves.  If you need any help please ask any of the staff.

GRADE 7s – Due to privacy laws we are not able to post names of students outside, but many staff members will be outside with full class lists. Please ask any staff member to look up your name and let you know what class you are in.  All homeroom teachers will be lined up on the back field just off the tarmac with signs displaying their class number and a nametag to identify themselves. Once all students have arrived, your teacher will lead you in to your class to start the the day. We know that may take a while, but please be patient. We will make sure everyone gets to the right place!

Thanks for your understanding. Remember our day starts at 8:20 and ends at 2:40.