Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to what promises to be an exciting school year!

As I have always said “Senior School Life is very busy and fast paced.” This year is no exception. Already, teams and clubs have started to meet and students are quickly finding out about new opportunities and routines.
We are currently organized with six classes in Grade 7 and six classes in Grade 8. Our classes are working diligently to come together as cohesive groups and are learning more about each other. With students arriving from six different feeder schools this initial bonding time is very important to pave the way for a smooth school year. Students will be making new friendships and connections that will carry on for years to come! The excitement is definitely in the air and it is so nice to have such a positive climate and see the children become so comfortable so quickly!

As a new year begins each child has an opportunity to start fresh and set new goals that will help them focus on what lies ahead. Organization becomes a critical skill for all! Parents can help students to be on top of things by staying involved and communicating often with their child. The student planner is another way to help your child prepare for upcoming tasks. Please take time to check the planner and keep updated on the events and work that may need to be tracked. We believe that the student needs to take ownership of the planner details and gain independence in planning for success.
School Council is another way to stay connected with life at Sunnyside. We meet on the third Monday of the month at seven pm. Everyone is welcome.

In an effort to make sure relevant information makes its way home and is not buried in backpacks and lockers, we are striving to share more information electronically through emails and websites as we progress through the year. It is our goal to make information items, newsletters and important reminders more readily available and connect our parent community in a more efficient manner. Please make sure you sign up with email contact information with “Remind” so we can push important information to your devices on a regular basis!

Keeping track of student attendance is an ongoing battle. Please help out our office staff by calling the school (519-896-1130) to inform us of all absences, including special holidays and general illnesses. Communicating any changes in personal information such as phone numbers, email, or home address is critical to ongoing communication. Please inform the office of such changes as soon as they occur.
I look forward to being involved and assisting you in making Grade 7 / 8 life the best years of your child’s education.

Keep The Pride In Sunnyside!