Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to what promises to be an exciting school year!

As I have always said “Senior School Life is very busy and fast paced.” As we emerge from the difficulties imposed by COVID-19 over the last two years, we know that many of the safety protocols will still need to be in place. We do hope to return to our busy active school, and will communicate when we are safely able to do so. Traditionally we offer many opportunities to enrich the senior school experience.

In 2021-2022 we will have five grade 7 classes and six grade 8 classes. Though we come from many different feeder schools, we work hard to come together as a cohesive group and build a strong Sunnyside community. Students will be making new friendships and connections that will carry on for years to come! The excitement is definitely in the air and it is so nice to have such a positive climate and see the children become so comfortable so quickly!

As a new year begins each child has an opportunity to start fresh and set new goals that will help them focus on what lies ahead. Organization becomes a critical skill for all! Parents can help students to be on top of things by staying involved and communicating often with their child. Please make sure to use your School Day accounts. If you are having trouble getting SchoolDay messages, contact our office for help. You can also find information about us on our website:, Instagram@sunnysideps, or Twitter @SunnysidePS

School Council is another way to stay connected with life at Sunnyside. We will share dates and times of meetings in the new year.  We value our parents’ connections and teamwork, and hope many of you can join us.

Keeping track of student attendance is an ongoing battle. Please help out our office staff by calling the school (519-896-1130) to inform us of all absences, including special holidays and general illnesses. Communicating any changes in personal information such as phone numbers, email, or home address is critical to ongoing communication. Please inform the office of such changes as soon as they occur.
I look forward to being involved and assisting you in making Grade 7 / 8 life the best years of your child’s education.

Keep The Pride In Sunnyside!