The Resource and Enrichment Centre is a place where all students are welcome. We offer a variety of support services to a wide range of Sunnyside students. The Resource room (REC) is open every period of the day and is supervised by both teachers and Educational Assistants. Students come to REC for a variety of reasons: for a quiet place to work, to use a computer, for small group or one-to-one instruction, for organizational support, and to use software such as Kurzweil or Dragon Naturally Speaking. A student does not have to have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to access REC, it is for anyone who would benefit from coming to the room and using the resources we have available.

Resource Support Teachers also coordinate In-Class Support for students who require assistance in order for them to achieve success in the classroom environment. The focus of this support is on academics and/or behaviour management.

What is an IEP? An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is:

  • A document that is written specifically for an individual student
  • A summary of the students strengths, interests, and needs
  • A document outlining the expectations for a student’s learning that includes specific accommodations and/or modifications that are needed in order for the student to be successful
  • An accountability tool to help students meet their individual learning goals
  • A flexible working document that can be changed as necessary
  • Developed collaboratively with the teacher, parent and student
  • Available to all teachers on-line

An IEP may include modified grade expectations, accommodations and/or alternative expectations (i.e. behaviour management and social skills).

An IEP is NOT:

  • A label that discriminates against students
  • A program
  • A document tht prevents students from going to College or University